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About Me

I am a former New Yorker now based in Manchester, England. I met my partner at the University of Manchester, starting my European adventure 25 years ago.

I work globally with Leaders using market leading tools and techniques to improve their communication skills. Many people call these soft skills, but I call them critical skills.

About five years ago, I was feeling run down, like my battery needed re-charging and my soul needed a turbo boost. I found myself delivering virtually more and more to groups of 25 to 100 people and missing that essential one on one connection. I felt like had lost my mojo.

Around this same time I got a call to career coach undergraduates at Manchester Metropolitan University. I connected deeply one to one with each student and developed my listening skills to become an even stronger coach. I felt like I had had an epiphany! I became a trusted thinking partner rather than a virtual answer vending machine.

I then coached leaders at Siemens and global sales leaders at Reuters on their personal impact. Little by little my flow came back, my mojo, working one to one with them to move past the superficial and discover what was truly holding them back. To remove interferences and gain the clarity and motivation to move forward. To find their flow, their mojo. My Career, Leadership and Sales coachees started to become focused, clearer and more energised to move out of their heads and into action.

My soul felt full.

Now let's get to work on gaining clarity you need to move forward.

Brian helped me realize that not every choice in life is "either... or...." but there could be amazing things in the middle. Through his curious, trustworthy and attentive coaching style I managed to transform my unknowns into a vision of great possibilities. Brian, thank you for your support, kindness and fun moments we shared throughout our coaching journey!

- Veronika Hobor, Switzerland

I met Brian as my instructor at a Baker Hughes Focus leadership training and his shining performance in that role led me to ask if he could help with some coaching sessions. Brian brings private coaching to a new level. Through adaptability, observation and a combination of efficient tools he challenged me in the most constructive way. In a matter of 2 sessions, I defined a set of actionable points to reach different goals in different timelines on both personal and professional levels. Always trusting, Brian demonstrated flexibility, patience and availability to help unlock my potential!

- Jean-Christophe Rigo, Italy

Throughout the coaching sessions Brian has equipped me with the tools and techniques that I now use on a daily basis. They allow me to better understand my career options, to project the newly learned concepts into my personal life, they opened the door to better my communication skills and generally helped me to understand myself and my true goals better. I feel like I was walking in a mist and now I have a torch light to make my way through. That I was colour blind but now can distinguish between the colours. Gaining clarity in order for me to take action and move myself forward in my career. Generally, I just had an absolute pleasure engaging in the coaching sessions with Brian, and would definitely recommend!

- Alibek Ibragimov, UK

When I work with a coach, I want someone who makes it easy for me to separate the wheat from the chaff, not get hung up on what I should do but focus on what I can do and find the direction needed to enable those changes to take place. Partnering with Brian at a time when I was launching my own independent career brought me the clarity to do just that.

- Louise Caskey, UK

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