Brian Westley

Corporate Leadership Skills Training

"Very good course! Very good Instructor! Expected to be boring but very entertaining & educational!"

Change Management, USA

"The instructor had a great & light hearted & energetic format and approach. He understood the needs of the participants well and gave very good feedback. He knows his stuff."

Project Management, Hungary

"Thought Brian did an excellent job teaching the class. The content and tools were helpful. Pace was well set"

Leadership Training, UK

"Instructor was lively and a good communicator. Good discussions. Great overall involvement by everyone"

Project Management, USA

"Instructor related the material to real life issues. He kept people engaged. He realised when we needed a break. Ice Breakers were great. He made the class interesting and FUN!"

Leadership Training, Ireland

"Brian was highly motivated and inspirational, fun, provided constructive criticism and didn’t give us a free ride. Generally Excellent."

Presentation Skills, Germany

"Excellent Instructor, which highly motivated us to participate and learn. I would love another course with him."

Leadership Training, Turkey

"Brian was excellent at giving the course the right mix of role plays, ice breakers to keep people enthusiastic and involved."

Project Management, Ireland

"The instructor really knows his course and has great skills to keep the group focused, interested and awake! It was an excellent course!"

Presentation Skills, Netherlands

"In the space of two days my ability to give a Presentation has been completely transformed. I can’t wait to put the techniques that I have learned into practice! Awesome Teacher!"

Presentation Skills, Belgium